We don't just fit the mould,

we design and make it

As well as blank moulds and blow moulds we manufacture a range of high quality associated products including neck rings, plungers and other accessories.

From our 3 specialist facilities we offer:

>  Benefit of In-house foundry
    producing cast iron castings

>  Reduced time to market

>  Neck rings produced in
    cast iron and aluminium

>  In-house design department

>  Plungers manufactured by 
    HVOF or Flame Spray process

>  Basic container shapes and 
    highly decorative and 
    bespoke designs

Blank Glass Moulds

Manufactured to the highest quality standards and available in either laminar or nodular cast iron.

UniMould has the unique benefit of owning its own foundry where iron mould castings are produced in-house. This allows us to control quality and react quickly to customer requirements.

Blow Moulds

Basic container shapes, through to the most complex, highly decorative bespoke designs.

We produce an extensive range of blow moulds to meet the needs of glass packaging production across all sectors of the food and beverage industry including beers, wines, spirits and foods.

The moulds are created to the highest specification in either cast iron or aluminium bronze with the cast iron blanks manufactured at our own foundry. We work with customers to produce moulds for basic container shapes right though to the most complex, highly decorative bespoke designs.

Neck Rings

Investment in the latest technology enabling delivery of the highest possible quality components.

Neck Rings can be produced in a range of high specification materials including bronze and cast iron and in the options of threaded or crown ring.

Plungers & Plunger Coolers

Production of over 70,000 plungers a year, making UniMould one of the largest suppliers to the glass industry across the world.


>  Semi wide mouth

>  Wide mouth

All plungers are manufactured to customers' specifications either with the flame spray process or with the High Velocity Oxy Fuel process (HVOF).



Glass Mould Accessories

UniMould supports its mould offerings with a wide range of quality components and accessories.

>  Bottom plates

>  Guide plates

>  Baffles

>  Plunger coolers

>  Take out tongs

>  VF plates

>  Inserts

>  Dameron plugs


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